Video: George O’Leary Thinks Highly Of Blake Bortles’ GF Lindsey Duke: “She Deserves 6 Million Googles”

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Star quarterbacks and model girlfriends are nothing new to college football — everyone knows that QBs get all of the attention and the girls. One of the most popular girlfriends in college football this year is Lindsey Duke, the squeeze of Central Florida’s Blake Bortles. Duke first burst on to the scene in August when she did a cover shoot for aXis Magazine that turned quite a few heads — Lindsey isn’t lacking in the looks department.

Today, ahead of the Fiesta Bowl, ESPN did a segment on Blake Bortles and his lack of respect nationally, and it was pointed out that he gets far less attention than his girlfriend — at the time the spot was filmed, a Google search of Bortles’ named brought up 224,000 results. Lindsey Duke’s? Over six million — and that number is now higher than 11 million.

ESPN had UCF head coach George O’Leary weigh in on the subject of Duke and her attention compared to his star QB — his response was great:

“I would hope as a head coach that the numbers would be reversed, but obviously you haven’t seen his girlfriend. She deserves six million Googles.”

Here’s video:

You can tune in to the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl between UCF and Baylor tonight at 8:30 EST on ESPN. You can also learn more about Lindsey Duke and see exactly why millions of people are falling in love her, here.


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