Photo: Texas A&M Tweets Out Possible Silver Helmet, Then Deletes Picture

Not many things get fans as excited as new uniforms — that’s why we devote a whole section to them at College Spun. Of course, schools are always looking to have a big, special release, but that often doesn’t go according to plan.

Today, Texas A&M may have had a potential uniform leak. This afternoon, the Aggies’ equipment staff tweeted out a picture of several managers in the equipment room, and one of them happened to be wearing a silver football helmet. Of course, the photo was promptly deleted.

Thankfully, a fan named Hayden Gaspard caught the photo:

The silver helmet is plain, so perhaps the staff is yet to add logos to the helmets. Or it could be an extra empty helmet that was just lying around the equipment room. However, if the latter was the case, it seems odd that the tweet would have been pulled.

We’ll keep you updated if more news surfaces regarding the helmets.



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