Mark May Hurls An Insanely Hypocritical Tweet At Johnny Manziel

Last night, Johnny Manziel let off some steam on Twitter, saying that “bull**** like tonight is why I can’t wait to leave College Station.” What he’s referencing we’re not sure, but it’s set the college football world on fire. Of course, professional troll and ESPN analyst Mark May took the opportunity to take a shot at Manziel:

May’s advice wouldn’t be so bad – if he actually took it himself. May is notorious for his horrendous Twitter game, which is often filled with biased opinions and terrible grammar. Need examples?

There’s this perfectly worded gem.

Or this.

He takes shots at his coworkers.

And incessantly trolls Ohio State.

Sorry Mark May, but you giving advice to people about how to use Twitter is so insanely hypocritical that it’s laughable.


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