Tennessee Football Players Let World Know Of Vols’ Crazy Nighttime Workouts

A 5-7 record just isn’t going to cut it for Tennessee’s football program. That was the final result of a dismal 2012 campaign for the Volunteers, and that’s why the university brought in new head coach Butch Jones to turn things around (that, or they loved that he is a big Justin Bieber fan).

Apparently, Jones has the boys working extra hard in the offseason, making them go through some crazy nighttime works in order to get them back in SEC contention. Tonight, numerous Tennessee players tweeted a particularly rigorous workout and how the team is confident that similar practices will lead to success:

Of course, the Volunteers could be working out late at night to avoid the heat, but working in odd hours also creates the positive mentality that the team is working while others aren’t:

We’ll see if these late workouts pay dividends in 2013, but the SEC is no joke — catching up to the big boys won’t be easy.


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