You Have $24, Build Your Ideal 2014 SEC Team

Is Nick Saban worth $5 of your valuable cap space?

Is Nick Saban worth $5 of your valuable cap space?

These salary cap-style games have been making serious rounds on social media, and they’re a lot of fun for sports fans. Between selecting a five-man lineup of NBA greats, or 11 players for an All-World Cup team in anticipation of soccer’s greatest event, we’ve seen some great iterations of this game. Now it’s time to get the nation’s best football conference into the fold.

You start with $24. Pick one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, a tight end, a defense, and a head coach. Remember there are eight roster spots here, so you have an average of $3 per selection to work with. Good luck.


On first look, I’m going to go with a team of Bo Wallace ($3), T.J. Yeldon ($4), Jonathan Williams ($3), Amari Cooper ($5), Shaq Roland ($2), Rory Anderson ($3), Missouri’s Defense ($2), and I’ll have Gus Malzahn ($2) build an offense around all that talent. The SEC is stacked, so its really hard to go wrong.

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