The Most Successful SEC Football Programs Of All-Time, Ranked No. 14 Through No. 1

It’s a hot, muggy day in downtown Atlanta. A group of 14 SEC football fans—one from each school—has gathered around a big, wooden table at a dive bar. Their goal: drink some alcohol, but more importantly, debate which program is, historically, the best in the conference.

The Mississippi State, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, and Kentucky fans pass out at the table after a couple of beers. It’s not like they could stake much of a claim in their respective team ranking No. 1, anyway. 

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Is Alabama No. 1?

The Texas A&M, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri quartet bows out midway through the debate. They don’t have the stamina to last very long in the discussion. It’s now down to six fans: Alabama, Tennessee, LSU, Georgia, Florida, and Auburn.

The Auburn, Florida and LSU fans each get kicked out of the bar for being rowdy. Like their respective teams, they didn’t come of age until recently. The Georgia fan is also a bit out of it, having been yelling something about Herschel Walker for the past hour. He’s quite old, however, like the Bulldogs’ last national championship (1980). 

It’s come down to a one-on-one discussion between the Alabama fan and the Tennessee fan.

The Alabama fan talks about Bear Bryant and Nick Saban, and how the Crimson Tide have been elite in nearly every era.

The Tennessee fan talks about how many games the Volunteers have won, how awesome Peyton Manning was, and the amount of bowl victories its program has.

There has to be a better way to figure out which program in the Southeastern Conference is the most successful historically, though. This is where we come in.

Considering national championships, all-time record, bowl wins, and conference championships (not just SEC championships), we’ve ranked the SEC programs on historical success, ranked No. 1 to No. 14. 

We then make our way into the bar and put our list of the 14 teams on the table. The debate is over.

Which fan has bragging rights?

Presenting The Most Successful SEC Teams of All-Time, as ranked by College Spun. 

Start with No. 14, Mississippi State >>>


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Andrew Holleran is an editor at College Spun.