Rick Neuheisel Calls Mike Slive A “Genius”, Says SEC November Schedules Are “Vastly Easier Than Any Other Conference”

Few would argue that anything about SEC football is “easy”, but Pac-12 Network analyst Rick Neuheisel believes that the league’s scheduling strategy helps set up the league’s championship contenders for success. Neuheisel says that the SEC has the easiest November schedules, and because of that, the top SEC teams can watch other leagues’ contenders fall apart. 

While he is right about the SEC teams getting byes and FCS games late, calling those schedules “easy” seems like a stretch. Here are the November slates for the top SEC teams and those expected to contend for the College Football Playoff:

Alabama - Bye, @ LSU, vs. Mississippi State, vs. Western Carolina, vs. Auburn
Auburn -  @ Ole Miss, vs. Texas A&M, @ Georgia, vs. Samford, @ Alabama
Georgia - Florida, @ Kentucky, vs. Auburn, vs. Charleston Southern, vs. Georgia Tech
LSU - Bye, vs. Alabama, @ Arkansas, Bye, @ Texas A&M
South Carolina - vs. Tennessee, Bye, @ Florida, vs. South Alabama, @ Clemson

While some of these teams have easier Novembers than Octobers, none of them seem particularly easy. Alabama has three tough games, Auburn has four, Georgia has to face Auburn and what should be an improved Florida. LSU gets a bit of a break with two byes, but they still have Alabama and Texas A&M. South Carolina’s schedule is manageable, but trips to Florida and Clemson are not easy games.

Neuheisel’s theory is interesting, but it doesn’t seem to be totally true. The SEC is always difficult, no matter what month it is.


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