Did An Ole Miss Coach Post An ESPN Article About Johnny Manziel’s Twitter Troubles In Marshall Henderson’s Locker?

Marshall Henderson, the SEC’s favorite bad boy, tweeted out a very interesting photo Wednesday afternoon that suggests that someone at Ole Miss printed out and highlighted an ESPN article about Johnny Manziel’s Twitter problems and put it in his locker. Manziel, if you remember, got a little angry about a parking ticket on Saturday night and took to Twitter to vent, causing an uproar. 

Get all that?

Henderson tweeted the photo at Manziel with the term “do what ya do” afterwards – the two have been friendly on the social media platform in the past. What does this look like? Someone at Mississippi is trying to send a warning signal to Henderson that he needs to clean up his Twitter act, and is using Manziel’s past troubles as a sort of “lesson”.

…but instead, Henderson tweeted it out. Amazing. Here’s the post:

Right side up:


Of course, we have no idea who went through the trouble to do this – it could have been a fan, a coach, a teammate – anyone with access to the locker room.

There’s never a dull moment in the life of Marshall Henderson. Does he need to clean up his act on Twitter?


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