LSU, Iowa Players Consumed Over 5,000 Pounds Of Food At Outback Steakhouse

We all know that football players can eat. But what you’re about to read it still a little sickening.

LSU and Iowa, which play on New Year’s Day in the Outback Bowl, were treated to a feast tonight by their sponsor, Outback Steakhouse. According to the Hawkeyes’ Twitter account, the players consumed over 5,000 pounds worth of food. We even have a breakdown of exactly how it’s possible, via Jared Aarons of KGAN.

The two craziest numbers? 40 gallons of Diablo Sauce and 80 gallons of barbecue sauce. The thought of 160 Bloomin’ Onions is also absolutely crazy. 

Let’s hope the players hit the practice field and work all of this off in the next week – otherwise it could be a sluggish bowl game.


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