Video: Drake Goes On First Take, Says Coach Cal Flew To His High School Graduation

Johnny Manziel isn’t the only star in the college sports world who is good friends with Grammy-winning artist Drake. Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari, who famously gave Drake a Wildcats jersey last year after the musician returned to (and graduated from) high school, is apparently tighter with the Canadian-born rapper than anyone realized.

Drake went on ESPN’s First Take today and covered a variety of topics, including his relationship with Manziel, why he thinks it took LeBron James years to win a title, and, of course, UK’s basketball program. Drake, when speaking about Calipari, said he was a “great man”, and explained how the UK headman actually flew up to Toronto to witness Drake’s graduation:

Interesting, to say the least. You’ve got to hand it to Coach Cal – he’s got some friends in high places. As for Drake suiting up for the Wildcats, something tells me he’s a little older than the guys Calipari usually recruits – maybe he could perform halftime shows instead.


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