Doug Gottlieb: “Kentucky Doesn’t Have 7 Pros, They Have 1”

Before last night’s matchup between No. 1 Kentucky and No. 2 Michigan State, both coaches – John Calipari and Tom Izzo – took turns complimenting the other’s team. Calipari told reporters that it was “no fair” that his young players had to play an experienced Spartans team so early in the season. Izzo countered by saying that Kentucky has “7 first-round picks” on its roster. Well, now that the game has been played (and won by MSU), critics are dissecting what they learned.

CBS college basketball analyst Doug Gottlieb took to Twitter this afternoon to express his thoughts on UK. He doesn’t think the Wildcats have seven pros (by his definition) – just one, presumably Julius Randle.

For what it’s worth, Gottlieb did say that the Wildcats have a chance at winning the national title. But he was also the only CBS analyst to not vote UK No. 1 last month.

Is Gottlieb right that Randle is the only true NBA “pro” on Kentucky’s roster, or is the sample size too small to make such a claim?


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