Report: Joker Phillips Resigns Over Possible NCAA Recruiting Violations

Update 2: The guys over at Football Scoop have an update on the situation. They claim that the issue at hand was a “bump”, which is basically when a coach runs into a recruit by accident and speaks with him. More as we learn it.

Update: McMurphy is backtracking a bit, claiming that Phillips was not forced by Muschamp to resign. 

Earlier: Florida fans and players have been miffed as to the reasoning behind wide receivers coach Joker Phillips’ sudden resignation from the Gators’ staff earlier today. According to ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, Phillips was actually forced out of the position by head coach Will Muschamp, who believes that the former Kentucky head coach may have committed recruiting violations.

Phillips, who came up with some pretty creative ways to use social media to market both himself and Florida over the years, will be replaced by former Gators quarterback Chris Leak. There is not yet word on what possible violations were committed.


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