Texas A&M Wideout Mike Evans Calls Auburn A “Lucky Ass Team”

Auburn just pulled off one of the most miraculous college football victories of all-time. Tigers quarterback Nick Marshall, facing 4th-and-18, completed a 73-yard “hail mary” pass to Ricardo Louis that bounced off of multiple Georgia defenders. In short, it was an unbelievable play that saved both Auburn’s SEC title chances and national title hopes.

But it’s pretty easy to argue that it was also lucky. Star Texas A&M wideout Mike Evans, whose Aggies also lost to Auburn in the final few minutes earlier this year, was fairly blunt with his opinion of the Tigers.

Credit Evans for telling it like it is, but there may also be some sour grapes here. Remember that the BCS cannot take more than two teams from any conference. Auburn’s victory may have hurt Texas A&M’s fading chances at being considered the SEC’s second representative.


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