Bielema Talks Transfer Policy In Light Of Green-Beckham To OU: ” I’m Not Trying To Get A Rebound Off Any Law Enforcement Or Drug Issues”

bielemaOn a day that has been dominated by the news that Missouri star wide receiver would be transferring to Oklahoma and would attempt to receive a waiver to play right away, Arkansas’ Bret Bielema made some statements that could be taken as a shot at the Sooners. While he wasn’t addressing the Green-Beckham news directly, it certainly sounds like the high-profile transfer was in mind.

“Everybody adds players to the program,” he said. “Especially at Arkansas, when we go after a transfer, we’re going after the highest quality of people. I’m not trying to get a rebound off any law enforcement or drug issues or anything else. We look for high quality.”

Bielema went on to discuss an unnamed player that was looking to transfer from Baylor to the Razorbacks, that could have helped the team, but the coach wound up not taking due to legal issues. If an All-American caliber player like Green-Beckham was available to Bielema, it is interesting to see how he would have handled the situation, or if he would have stuck to his strict policy.



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