Photo: Motivational Sign In Alabama Locker Room Reads: “0-2″

Alabama, which until this year had won three of the past four BCS national titles, started its 2013 football season with 11 straight wins. But the Tide dropped their final two games – one to Auburn in the Iron Bowl, which cost them the SEC West, and one to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl – to finish the year on an extremely sour note. Head coach Nick Saban is using the team’s plight as motivation for next year already.

Two photos of a new sign in Alabama’s locker room have been circulating social media – the poster reads:

If you continue to do the same thing that you have always done you will get the same result. Guaranteed. 0-2

As you can see, the background for the quote includes Oklahoma/Auburn players celebrating after their victories. As you can imagine, Saban never ever wants to see that again.


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