Alabama Is Installing A Waterfall In Its Locker Room

No, this isn't it. [email protected]

These days, college football programs seemingly do whatever they need to do to stand out from the rest of the competition. Even at Alabama, a school that has won three of the past four BCS titles, the program is still focused on upgrading facilities and luring in recruits with innovative ideas. The most recent example? A waterfall.

That’s right, a waterfall – in the Crimson Tide locker room. 2014 quarterback recruit David Cornwell tweeted such out last night, and Tuscaloosa News‘ Cecil Hurt backed him up.

The school has not released a visual of what it will look like, but one can assume we might see some crimson-colored water flowing. 

A tip of the cap to the Tide. If Alabama is securing recruits with man-made water structures, the rest of the SEC is doomed.


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