USC Makes Recruit Cry And Decommit From Trojans

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Not much has gone right recently for the USC Trojans. Of course, it started off with an atrocious football season when they were pegged for the national championship in the preseason. Then they had several embarrassing incidents that had fans begging for Lane Kiffin to be fired.

Well, it appears that the USC program is still in that rut. Earlier this week, the Trojans lost a 2013 commitment in Kylie Fitts. The funny thing is that he had no intention of decommitting initially — he was actually slated to enroll early at USC in several days. Here’s what he told ESPN:

“Something happened recently that questioned my trust in USC, so I’m reopening my recruitment. It literally broke my heart. I broke down and cried. It was so hard for me and my family. It’s just what’s best for me at this moment. I’m putting in God’s hands and trusting that everything will work out.”

Now there is quite a bit of speculation around what actually happened that caused Fitts to leave, but here’s what appears to be the consensus:

- USC is now forced to stay under a 75 scholarship limit due to sanctions from the NCAA.

- USC was right at the 75 limit for the spring semester (several seniors are leaving for the NFL) but last week added 5-star safety Leon McQuay III to the mix, who also wanted to early enroll.

- In order to make room for McQuay III, it is assumed that the USC staff asked Fitts to enter the school in the fall instead. Fitts is recovering from a broken wrist and would miss much of spring practice anyway.

Now, you can see why this would upset and embarrass Fitts. He had given his commitment to the Trojans, and went out of his way to finish up high school early so he could come to USC in January. Now, at the last minute he is being told that his scholarship couldn’t be honored at the current time — mainly because a player better than him decided to come on board.

Fitts is reportedly still keeping the Trojans in the mix as his school choice, but it will be interesting to see where he ultimately ends up. This was definitely not something he would have been able to foresee, and is a pretty harsh move by USC to revoke the kid’s scholarship at the last minute.


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