Stanford’s David Shaw Says He Tries To Look Like An NFL, Not An SEC, Team

The SEC and Pac-12 are widely regarded as the two best college football conferences, top to bottom, in the nation, though the SEC is still far ahead, at least in terms of reputation. Some have compared David Shaw’s Stanford program, which is built on tough defense and physical offense, to an SEC program, but he doesn’t see it that way. Shaw has his eyes on the football played at the real highest level.

To clarify, Shaw says that he personally has no goals to coach in the NFL, something he has experienced in the past, though teams have inquired about his interest.

As for the comparisons between his conference and the SEC, Shaw admits that the SEC is still the top dog, but thinks it is closer than people admit.

This isn’t the first time Shaw has refuted SEC comparisons. He was a bit more diplomatic than last time, when he said he didn’t take the comparisons as a compliment.


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