Sports Illustrated Photoshopped Washington Crowd To Look Like Oregon Fans For Mariota Cover

Yesterday, Sports Illustrated announced that Oregon Quarterback Marcus Mariota would appear on the newest national cover of SI the Magazine. Here is a photo of the new cover:

Oregon fans, of course, love the new cover, but supporters of the Washington Huskies may not be quite so pleased. In fact, as Nick Eaton of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer notes, the cover photo was heavily photoshopped turn a crowd of Huskies fans into one favoring the Ducks:

As we all know, Oregon has gotten into the habit of wearing entirely different uniform combinations for every single game. And the game in which the Ducks wore these all-white uniforms and chrome helmets with yellow feathers?

Yeah, that was the much-hyped “College GameDay” matchup with Washington on Oct. 12 at Husky Stadium.

In Seattle.

That’s right, Dawgs fans. Sports Illustrated photoshopped you to look like Ducks fans.

Eaton is right — that crowd in Husky Stadium was not wearing yellow at all — here is another photo of Mariota during that game to compare.

This probably actually happens quite frequently, but maybe we just don’t pay close enough attention. Either way, great spot by Nick Eaton of the Seattle PI, and a tough break for the Washington faithful.


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