Oregon’s Bralon Addison Hilariously Summed Up A Difference Between Mark Helfrich And Chip Kelly

The Oregon Ducks are almost through their first full season with new coach Mark Helfrich at the helm, the man who replaced the great Chip Kelly. Oregon finished the regular season 10-2 and will take on Texas in the Alamo Bowl on December 30th. 

Now that the regular season is done and over with, the players can really reflect on the differences this year under Helfrich. Today, Jason Quick of The Oregonian talked to sophomore wide receiver Bralon Addison about how Helfrich may handle discipline in a different way than Chip Kelly (Oregon has suspended two players in the past week) — Addison’s insights were quite amusing:

So I think the two takeaways are these: that Helfrich is a more understanding coach than Chip Kelly, but at the same time Kelly isn’t as much as villain as he can be made out to be. Addison wasn’t throwing Kelly under the bus by any means, just noting that Helfrich’s family may have a nice positive impact on his ability to empathize with young players. Regardless, it was still pretty amusing to hear “I know Chip Kelly seemed like a butthole, but he really wasn’t.”


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