Video: Old Dominion Gave A Young Music-Loving Cancer Patient A Chance To Conduct Its Band

After a long two months of cancer treatment, five-year-old Benjamin Goldberg received a nice break in the form of royal treatment from the ODU Football program this past Saturday. Benjamin was promised that he would be in charge of the coin toss for the game against Idaho, and he was more than happy to help out. After the coin toss, he believed that the rest of his day would consist of simply watching football…but he was wrong.

Much to Benjamin’s surprise, he was taken back out onto the field during halftime. He ended up directly in front of the school’s band (his first love is music — he attends the School of Rock in Norfolk), and the young music connoisseur got the chance to show off his skills as a conductor. As a tribute to his favorite artist, the band played one of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits, “Thriller.”

Benjamin was thrilled, and showed off some serious dance moves:

[Hampton Roads]


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