USC Fan Goes After Notre Dame Commit Eddie Vanderdoes On Twitter, Things Get Ugly

Twitter is sometimes like the Wild West. While many fans enjoy the unrestricted access to their favorite athletes, others abuse it. And during National Signing Day, there were a number of people who crossed the line after hearing that a potential recruit had decided to go in another direction.

But there was one, in particular, who went way too far.

One of the last big-time commitments of the day came from Eddie Vanderdoes, a defensive tackle who chose Notre Dame over California schools USC and UCLA. It was a huge get for the Irish. USC fans were upset to hear the news, but most acted responsibly and offered congratulations. One did not. Twitter user @JTizzzllleee immediately started tweeting at Vanderdoes. The future Irish star responded.

Okay. Fine. You got a parting shot in. As ridiculous as that even is, it probably would’ve been fine to leave it there.

Vanderdoes is in HIGH SCHOOL. This guy is boasting that he got under the skin of a TEENAGER. But he didn’t stop.

At this point, Vanderdoes starts going on the offensive. And both Notre Dame and USC fans come out of the woodwork in support of the football star.

Of course, enough users eventually reported him and Twitter shut down his account. But not before he got a few last shots in.

It’s honestly time to start putting these people on blast. Tweeting nasty things at recruits because they didn’t sign with your school is disgusting. If this guy truly has a wife and a family, it’s even more appalling. 

Make no mistake, this is not a USC problem. This is happening everywhere. It needs to stop.


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