Tulane? East Carolina? UConn Needs To Leave The Big East, Now

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The Big East made a monumental addition to its increasingly prestigious conference on Tuesday morning.

Mike Aresco and company continue to replace the likes of Syracuse, Pittsburgh, West Virginia and Rutgers with elite athletic programs; TULANE is now set to become the next upgrade from these aforementioned middle of the run programs.

Making the news of Tulane’s addition as a full member even better, East Carolina will be joining as a football-only member in 2014.

Wow, that was really sarcastic wasn’t it?

I have tried to be patient over the past year as I sat by and watched several of the Big East’s marquee institutions announce that they were on their way to bigger and better things in the ACC, Big 12 and Big Ten.

With all of these departures, talk has grown more frequent about the possibility of UConn leaving for a new conference, most likely the ACC.

Call me crazy, but I would much prefer to see UConn not become a mid-major. For this to happen, it is time to ditch this freak show that they still want to call the Big East Conference.

The Big East, at least the Big East that I grew up with, where domination of the college basketball world was a regular occurrence, is dead. It is sad to see it go, but now we must move on.

President Susan Herbst and Athletic Director Warde Manuel are not stupid people. Herbst, a Duke graduate and former Georgia Tech president, is very fond of the athletic program at UConn and wants to see it prosper. Manuel is a former football player at Michigan and likely will not be okay with UConn staying in such a pathetic looking conference.

The ACC is likely looking to add a 14th full member, with many speculating that a decision could come by next week as to who that school would be. It seems that UConn and Louisville are in a fight for that spot and that one of them could be very happy within the next few days.

If I’m running the ACC, I see a golden opportunity to grab two or three strong athletic and academic institutions. Where is the harm in adding both UConn and Louisville? Both are strong athletically and for one to get stuck in the joke they call the Big East would be a travesty to college sports. Take them both! At that point, if Notre Dame is still firm on keeping its football independence (which is not likely to change anytime soon), bring in a program like Cincinnati or South Florida. They are not the elite in college sports, but either could be beneficial to the conference.

I don’t run the ACC, however, so I can only hope that whatever happens, UConn is not screwed over in this whole mess. Manuel and Herbst need to feel a sense of urgency at this point. This situation is pathetic. Tulane? East Carolina? Mike Aresco is off to a great start as Big East commissioner, isn’t he?

Hopefully next week, UConn is celebrating its acceptance into the ACC. If that does not work out, does anybody know if the Atlantic 10 is looking for new members?


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