Trick Shot Monday Returns To Notre Dame

If you haven’t heard of Trick Shot Monday yet, you have really been missing out. Before the start of last football season, Mike Golic Jr., Jake Golic, John Goodman, and Kapron Lewis-Moore started the newest Notre Dame tradition.

To play, a water cup is placed anywhere in the locker room (the winner of TSM from the previous week places the cup). Then players proceed to take turns trying to throw a ping-pong ball into the cup as if they were playing beer pong. The catch? The shot has to have some “trick” to it — maybe it bounces off of two walls first, or someone calls bank off of Manti Te’o's locker — but it can’t be too easy.

This is great entertainment, as the team reactions are always pretty wild.

On Monday, the Irish released the Purdue Week version of Trick Shot Monday, and like always, it doesn’t disappoint.

If you want to get the full back story on Trick Shot Monday, you can view the first episode ever (with all of the fun rules included) here.


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