This Week’s Top 10 Most Absurd Google Searches That Led Readers To College Spun (2/1/2013)

As you’d probably imagine, publishers have access to some pretty complex traffic stats for their websites. Webmasters can see all types of estimated statistics on their users, including where they’re from, what they’ve read, and how they got there in the first place.

And Google Analytics does a really nice job of showing you exactly what people have typed in the search field to find your site. While most of the search terms are normal, there are always a few that just blow your mind. So we figured we’d share the most ridiculous each week with you – well, at least the most ridiculous that we could publish. Enjoy:

10. Tim Fontenault will find you, whoever you are.

9. There are sites for this stuff. We’re not one of them, regardless of the occasional Natalie Portman or Katherine Webb article.

8. It looks like someone is looking into a career change. English major isn’t working out…

7. Then DON’T GOOGLE IT! My God.

6. Refer to No. 9 – we’re not that type of site. And if we were, we wouldn’t pick Greg Oden.

5. Sound it out. Yep. Sigh.

4. This is the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard. Either that, or he thinks you’re easy money in the pools.

3. Honestly, this is better than the alternative. Plenty of people have terrible hygiene in college.

2. This is the second week in a row with this type of question. No, he doesn’t.

1. WINNER: Good luck, bro.

Here is last week’s version. Check back next week!


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