The Big Ten Is Running A Survey On Expansion And Division Names

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Though Jim Delany said today that the Big Ten as inactive, but alert on the topic of further expansion, the conference still has some work to do after the latest round. 

Earlier this week, the Big Ten posted a survey on its website, asking fans to give their opinions on a number of expansion-related topics regarding the conference.

What’s on the table? Division names, whether the divisions should keep the same teams, where Rutgers and Maryland should be placed, whether the Big Ten should change its name, and of course, whether the Legends and Leaders division names should be abolished.

It’s an interesting move by the conference – asking its fans directly what they’d like to see. There’s obviously no obligation for the conference to take the results into account in its decision making process, but it’s still noteworthy that the Big Ten is asking for fan feedback for some of its most important business decisions.

If you’d like to take the survey, here’s a link


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