The 10 Most Delusional Fan Bases In College Sports

Tenacious fandom is synonymous with college sports. But as everyone knows, delusional fandom is just as prevalent. Whether teams’ fans are living in the past or they see their school as the greatest program in the history of the sport — that type of thinking is widespread. Having delusional fans isn’t necessarily an indication of an underachieving program; there can be success and delusion. 

For better or for worse, delusional fans aren’t going anywhere in college sports. Here are the ten most delusional groups of them all.

Spurrier has SC on the right track.

Spurrier has SC on the right track.

10. South Carolina Football Fans:

The Gamecocks’ fans see their beloved program as one of the best in the SEC. But in order to be the best, you do have to win some big bowl games, right? Sure the Gamecocks have won three consecutive postseason games, but not once in the entire 16-year era did they even play in a BCS contest. Furthermore, in the 22 years that SC has played in the SEC, they’ve finished with a losing record in-conference 12 times. It’s only been the last three seasons, which all featured 11 wins, that South Carolina has put up double-digit victories since moving conferences.

Many South Carolina fans consider the Gamecocks an elite program but it is far, far too premature to put them in that category. They have had some big personalities come through Columbia lately, including the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft Jadeveon Clowney and their current coach Steve Spurrier. The attention that these personalities have received, much of it off the field, has helped build South Carolina fan’s delusion considerably.

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