Syracuse Social Media Report 6.0

We took a one-week hiatus due to finals week. So we pick up where we left off, with the potential for some big gains in followership. Since our last report, Jim Boeheim earned his 900th career win, the Orange suffered its first loss, and some big-time games were shown on ESPN. 

1. Brandon Triche

Last Week: 14,420

This Week: 14,727

Percent Change: +2.13%


2. Rakeem Christmas

Last Week: 13,255

This Week: 13,434

Percent Change: +1.35%


Last Week: 12,036
This Week: 12,716
Percent Change: +5.65%
Carter-Williams has been called the best point guard in the country by multiple ESPN commentators this week. His assist numbers continue to be monstrous. But he was in the news for another reason last week after allegedly being caught shoplifting from Lord and Taylor, which also could have boosted his follower count. At this rate, MCW will be passing Christmas any week now. 
Last Week: 10,915
This Week: 11,307
Percent Change: +3.59%
Fair made one of his biggest jumps of the season. It could be because of his career-high 25-point performance against Temple in the Orange’s loss on ESPN. 
Last Week: 5,906
This Week: 6,074
Percent Change: +2.84%
Last Week: 4,410
This Week: 4,490
Percent Change: +1.81%
Last Week: 3,779
This Week: 3,894
Percent Change: +3.04%
Last Week: 3,623
This Week: 3,774
Percent Change: +4.17%
After the biggest gain of the season last week, Grant has sunken back down to normal numbers. His playing time has shrunk, too, which may be the reason he isn’t gaining as many followers as before.
Last Week: 2,104
This Week: 2,153
Percent Change: +2.33%
Last Week: 771
This Week: 791
Percent Change: +2.59%
Last Week: 640
This Week: 669
Percent Change: +4.53%
Last Week: 593
This Week: 590
Percent Change: -0.51
Another negative week for DeRemer.
Last Week: 605
This Week: 637
Percent Change: 5.29%
Tweets of the Week:
Players comment on the “tough loss”:


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