Syracuse Basketball Social Media Report 4.0

The Orange played just one game this week, but it was the first nationally televised game on ESPN. I predicted that the player who stood out would get a huge gain in followers. As most of you know, it was James Southerland who had an incredible 35 point performance.

Unfortunately, Southerland doesn’t have a Twitter account (though there are many fakes out there). Southerland’s performance overshadowed the rest of the teams, but a few other players upped their followings substantially.

1. Brandon Triche

Last Week: 13,952

This Week: 14,131

Percent Change: +1.28%


2. Rakeem Christmas

Last Week: 12,851

This Week: 13,071

Percent Change: +1.71%


Last Week: 11,253
This Week: 11,566
Percent Change: +2.78%
Carter-Williams had another big jump this week after he was one assist away from a triple-double, scoring 17 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. He gained a whopping 313 followers, more than any other player. He also earned the highest percent gain. 
Last Week: 10,616
This Week: 10,765
Percent Change: +1.4%
Last Week: 5,445
This Week: 5,532
Percent Change: +1.6%
Last Week: 4,267
This Week: 4,308
Percent Change: +.96%
Last Week: 3,487
This Week: 3,546
Percent Change: +1.69%
Last Week: 3,181
This Week: 3,217
Percent Change: +1.13%
Last Week: 2,054
This Week: 2,064
Percent Change: +.49%
Though he had one of the lowest gains, I’m awarding Hoffman the “Tweet of the Week” this week for this gem he tweeted on Rakeem Christmas’ birthday, showing some of the best pictures of Christmas out there.
Last Week: 748
This Week: 759
Percent Change: +1.47%
Last Week: 626
This Week: 631
Percent Change: +0.8%
Last Week: 581
This Week: 595
Percent Change: +2.41
Congratulations to Russ DeRemer on his first follower gain this season. After losing followers during the first week and staying even after last week, Russ gets a big gain. 
Last Week: 588
This Week: 588
Percent Change: 0%
Nolan Hart drops to a season-low 0 followers gained. 
The Orange have three games this week and two are nationally televised. The Orange will take on Eastern Michigan on Monday, Long Beach State on Thursday and Monmouth on Saturday. 
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