Syracuse Basketball Social Media Report 2.0

The first week of the season has come to an end and the Orange have started off 2-0. But has success on the court translated to success on Twitter? Only one of the two games was nationally televised and no player did anything to garner too much attention, so I didn’t expect huge follower gains, but most got a respectable jump.

1. Brandon Triche

Last Week: 13,333

This Week: 13,778

Percent Change: +3.34%

After publishing the introduction to the social media piece last week, Brandon Triche tweeted at me saying that he thought he had more followers. He also said that he hopes to get to 27,000 by the end of the season. It’s going to take bigger gains than this to hit that mark. Triche had a huge game against Wagner, but unfortunately for him, the game wasn’t nationally televised. The further into the season we get, the more exposure the players receive. 

2. Rakeem Christmas

Last Week: 12,411

This Week: 12,662

Percent Change: +2.02%

Tweet of the Week:

All the photos being tweeted from player accounts from the Midway were awesome, but none of them were as cool as these cupcakes:


Last Week: 10,364
This Week: 10,878
Percent Change: +4.96%
Carter-Williams made the biggest follower jump this week, gaining 514. He was arguably the most impressive player in the Battle on the Midway, earning him a few followers from the West Coast crowd. Carter-Williams has started pulling away from C.J. Fair – now ahead by 200+, and is catching up to Rakeem Christmas who currently has 12,662.
Last Week: 10,205
This Week: 10,516
Percent Change: +3.05%
Last Week: 5,037
This Week: 5,324
Percent Change: +5.7%
Last Week: 4,032
This Week: 4,204
Percent Change: +4.27%
Last Week: 3,145
This Week: 3,345
Percent Change: +6.36%
It was Coleman who gained the biggest percentage this week. Welcome to the team, big guy.
Last Week: 2,983
This Week: 3,130
Percent Change: +4.93%
Last Week: 1,995
This Week: 2,029
Percent Change: +1.7%
Last Week: 683
This Week: 724
Percent Change: +6%
Last Week: 618
This Week: 626
Percent Change: +1.29%
Last Week: 603
This Week: 581
Percent Change: -3.65%
Walk-on Russ DeRemer was the only player to lose followers this week. He got into the Wagner game for one minute and didn’t accumulate any stats. I don’t think his loss was basketball related, but maybe DeRemer needs to throw down a nasty dunk next game. According to his Twitter bio, he’s the second best lefty dunker on the team.
Last Week: 548
This Week: 570
Percent Change: +4.01%

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