Report: Syracuse’s Ex-Media Director Accused Of Making “Secret Videotapes” Of Male Athletes

If you’re a message board guy/girl, you probably heard rumblings of this about a month ago. While there were no details then, they’re starting to trickle out.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Syracuse’s former Media Director (he was fired last month) Roger Springfield has been arraigned on four charges of “unlawful surveillance”. From the WSJ:

“Prosecutors say the charges stem from at least four secret videos the 57-year-old Springfield made between the spring of 2010 and last November. Authorities say the videos were made in the locker rooms of the football team and the men’s lacrosse and soccer teams.”

SI’s Pete Thamel reported this morning that as of now, there is “no evidence of any sexual misbehavior”. 

Update: On the contrary, apparently the DA is claiming the below, per WTVH’s Michael Benny:


More as we learn it.


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