Report: Cincinnati Prefers ACC To Big 12, Reached Out To Urban Meyer For Help

Scoop: According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, email records show that Cincinnati would prefer an invitation to the ACC over the Big 12, and that the school contacted Urban Meyer to basically “put in a good word.”

Significance: While the school does still have a chance at leaving the Big East (should conference expansion continue), the Big 12 brass probably don’t like being second fiddle. At this point, the schools in the most trouble are UConn, Cincinnati and South Florida – all are still stuck in the Big East with no offers from “better” conferences.

Story: Cincinnati Athletic Director is quoted as writing “Big 10 and ACC moves … could cause Big 12 perhaps to rethink staying at 10 schools. We need to focus on both ACC (primarily) but also Big 12.”  As for the Urban Meyer reference – the school reached out because his sister works at Cincinnati, he is a UC alum, and he used to coach at Notre Dame, which is a future member of the ACC. Meyer did not go through with the process, however.

The documents were obtained through an “Ohio Public Records Act request”.


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