Report: Boise State Ditches Big East, San Diego State Could Follow

Scoop: ESPN’s Brett McMurphy tweeted this afternoon that Boise State, who was set to join the Big East in football and the Mountain West in all other sports starting next season, will instead remain in the Mountain West for all sports. 

Significance: Boise State becomes the 14th team to exit the Big East in the past two years and the second – in addition to TCU – to leave without ever having played a game in the league. It also leaves the conference with an unbalanced, 13-team football league for the 2013-2014 season and San Diego State, who is also supposed to join the Big East come next season, could now rethink its decision.

Story: As ESPN writes, the loss of the Broncos leaves the Big East Conference’s plan to split into two division in question, as Boise State was set to be one of seven teams in the newly-established “West” division. It will also require the Big East to reschedule games for the upcoming season, as they had already created and released next year’s schedule, which included the Broncos.

The Broncos and Aztecs were added together by the Big East as a way to ease travel for the two squads. Now, with Boise State backing out, San Diego State could face increased travel. ESPN’s story on the subject also points out that  “the Aztecs’ Big East contract allows them to withdraw from the Big East without paying an exit fee if there is not another Big East member located west of the Rocky Mountains.”

So, if they were ever thinking about withdrawing from the league, now would be the perfect time considering they could do so without penalty.

As we already knew, this move only continues to prove the point that conference realignment is far from over, and that the Big East is a ship rapidly taking on water.

People have already started getting sarcastic about the move, mostly at the expense of the Big East:


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