Quick Quotes: Shafer Introduced As Head Coach At Press Conference

The new head coach of the Orange stepped up to the podium as an unfamiliar face to many. He admitted that he had never really tried to get to know anyone around the community, aside from the people who would help bring victories to the Syracuse University football team. But a lot of people are about to learn the name Scott Shafer. The name will be associated with aggressiveness, composure and a great sense of humor. Here are some quotes from the Shafer’s introductory press conference today:

“The thing we will talk about most on a daily basis is attitude, effort and enthusiasm … it really is the core of my beliefs in how you develop young men … It’s those three pillars that we will always point back to as we try to progress forward in making this community proud about the product we put on that football field.”

“I envision a hard nosed team that’s from a hard nosed town … the people who live here and embrace it are tough people. They’re hard-nosed people that work their asses off and they expect a hard-nosed football team. And in my opinion, it’s our job to put a product on the field that the community can say, ‘that’s us, that is our team, they’re physical and they’re gonna get after you when you come to the Dome.’”

“I envision an offense with a lot of juice, a lot of orange juice. I want on offense that’s fast, that’s fun and inventive … I want this team to be an offensive unit that when you come and watch them play, you better not take a bathroom break, because there’s gonna be a lot of juice on the field.”

“I envision an orange crush defense that makes the opponents families to cringe when their kid is about to be hit.” 

“I envision a Dome that shakes and intimidates and when we get the opposition in the Loud House, we lock the doors behind them and we don’t let them out for 60 minutes or more. Whatever it takes, they are locked in the Dome and aren’t allowed to escape.” 

“I envision a student body that becomes our 12th man. On game day, a student body that can’t wait to get to the Dome, that saves some energy the night before because they know were counting on them to intimidate the opposing team.”


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