Michael Carter-Williams Shoplifting Rumors Update

Update 2: The Post Standard has just published an article that cites two different sources claiming that Michael Carter-Williams did in fact get caught shoplifting at Lord & Taylor at Destiny USA last week and that the Syracuse star paid $500 to settle the matter. Here’s a link for more on the situation.

Update: The Post Standard’s Mike Waters just spoke with Carter-Williams, who said the situation was a “misunderstanding“. Basically, Carter-Williams says it “looked worse than it was” and that “it’s all worked out”. What any of that actually means, we’re not sure.

Yesterday: Twitter has been buzzing all day about a photo that depicts someone being handcuffed at the Destiny USA mall in Syracuse, NY. The person who sent the tweet is claiming Michael Carter-Williams is the man in the picture and that he was arrested at the mall last night for shoplifting.

Here’s the Instagram post, but there’s a lot more to the story:


Syracuse.com posted a piece this afternoon that disproved the rumors. Carter-Williams was not arrested. It was simply inference from people at the mall and premature reporting from an irresponsible source on Twitter who claimed that a CBS Sports senior writer confirmed his arrest. 

Carter-Williams dispelled the rumors multiple times on his Twitter account today, but those tweets have since been deleted. He also retweeted this:

So whatever did or didn’t happen, nothing is going to come of it. Never a dull moment here in upstate New York.


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