Lane Kiffin Offers Apology For Sun Bowl Dinner Tardiness – And Leonard Williams’ Tweet


Earlier this week, the USC Trojans once gain made headlines for the wrong reasons. First, the Men of Troy showed up very, very late for the Sheriff’s Posse Dinner – an annual event shared by the two schools playing in the Sun Bowl – prompting Georgia Tech to walk out. Then, defensive end Leonard Williams tweeted out his disdain for the city of El Paso, which angered more than a few people.

According to Gary Klein of the LA Times, Kiffin said the team got backed up due to a delay at the airport. The delay pushed back practice, which in turn pushed back their dinner arrival. Kiffin said:

“We had no intention of disrespecting anybody”.

He also addressed Leonard Williams’ unfortunate tweet about the city of El Paso.

“We talk about it, we address it. You get 110 kids and, unfortunately, they screw up. It does not reflect the way our staff feels or the way that our team feels…”

Never a dull moment for these guys.


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