In Photos: Here Are The 10 Coolest People Johnny Manziel Has Ever Snapped Pictures With

Texas A&M football star Johnny Manziel may have sworn off Twitter for the time being, but his Instagram account is still alive and well. While Manziel’s recent photo with LeBron James is just another example of the Heisman-winning quarterback taking pictures with a celebrity, it got us wondering which of his encounters was the most enviable. 

So, we went through and did the best we could to find all of the stars who Manziel has taken photos with, and ranked the top ten. Enjoy:

No. 10: Sarah Savage (his girlfriend): Of course, Savage isn’t exactly an A-list celebrity, but the idea of taking a photo with your model girlfriend and the Heisman Trophy is pretty cool – right?


No. 9: Jimmy Tatro: The YouTube personality and Total Frat Move star met up with Manziel on Spring Break and things got crazy – at least that’s the way it looks.

No. 8: Rick Ross: Zero idea why these two met up or took this picture. But I’m not mad about it.

No. 7: Chris Paul: Two of the great passers of our era? Eh, both are probably more known for their speed than anything. Either way, they took a picture together recently at a Clippers game.

No. 6: James Harden: The bearded one somehow got Johnny Football into the Rockets locker room to snap a picture of both doing the Heisman pose. 


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