In Photos: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About ESPN’s Beautiful Young Anchor, Cassidy Hubbarth

Cassidy Hubbarth, ESPN's weekend SportsNation anchor

Cassidy Hubbarth is the young, brunette beauty who joined ESPN three years ago as a digital correspondent. Now she almost exclusively does TV coverage and you can find her on weekends hosting SportsNation or frequenting ESPN News.

While Hubbarth’s popularity is rapidly rising, there’s still a lot the world doesn’t know about her. Hubbarth hasn’t given many interviews aside from one with her hometown paper, The Chicago Sun Times. There’s no Wikipedia profile, date of birth listed, or boyfriend to name.

We scoured social media and other news outlets to rake up everything you ever wanted to know about Hubbarth.

Check out photos of Cassidy Hubbarth and learn everything you’ve been dying to know about the beautiful ESPN anchor, including race, relationship status and more >>


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