Duke Gets Crazy: K-Ville Students Are Sleeping Outside For Over A Month In Order To Get Seats At The UNC Game

Duke students are serious when it comes to attending the UNC game. If you don’t know the tradition, students take drastic measures to ensure that they have a spot in the stands for the big game. K-Ville tenting is a process where students, coined “Crazies”, live in tents for weeks leading up to the game. There are three types of tenting – black, white, and blue, black being the longest and most intense

For each kind of tenting, there have to be 12 members living in the tent. Each type of team sleeps outside for varying degrees of time, starting with the black tenters. The order in which you are place is determined by a campus scavenger hunt for both black and blue tenters. So here is the breakdown.

Black tenting: The twelve members of the tent aren’t even sleeping in a tent for the first week but instead have to sleep under tarps until blue tenting starts. Two out of the 12 members must be present in the tent at all times during the day, and 10 of the 12 must be present during nights. All tenters are subject to tent checks, and if they don’t have the right amount of members present, they get warned once. After a second missed tent check, they get moved to the back of the line. Black tenting 2013 began on January 9th.

Blue tenting: The week after black tenting, the blue tenters arrive. They also have 12 members, but only 1 must be present during the day, and six members must be present at night. They have the same deal with missed tent checks. This year, blue tenters arrive on January 16th.

White Tenting: This begins two weeks before the big game. These tenters aren’t guaranteed a spot in K-ville, so they must scour campus to find a person to give them a placement number. If those seeking white tenting are lucky enough to get a spot, one person must be in the tent all day, and just two have to be in the tent at night. White tenters come to K-ville on the 30th of January.

The last two days before the game, some other rules kick into place, and you can read about those here.

Luckily, if you don’t go to Duke and had not heard of tenting until now, we’ve found a first-hand account of a black tenter on Twitter, and it’s a fun read. Jordan DeLoatch’s tenting session began the night of January 9th – the UNC game isn’t until February 13th. Unfortunately, we can’t fit all the tweets into this post, so if you want to read about the rest of the crazy details, check out @jstorm64‘s Twitter page.


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