Doug Marrone Getting Heat For Allowing Marquis Spruill To Play

After Marquis Spruill was arrested a few weeks ago after an alleged confrontation with a police officer, Orange fans were certain they wouldn’t be seeing him in the Pinstripe Bowl. Based on Marrone’s past behavior with incidents like these, it seemed like he’d be booted from the team. Well, that’s not that case, according to an interview with Coach Marrone today.

Some Orange fans are happy that Spruill will be bolstering the defense in a couple of weeks when Syracuse takes on West Virginia, but others are surprised and upset with Marrone’s decision. 

But in a court of law, you’re innocent until proven guilty. I guess Marrone is treating this situation the same way.

Do you think Marrone cares about winning more than proper punishment? Comment below with your thoughts. 


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