Bad Taste: Funny Or Die Pokes Fun At Manti Te’o Hoax With Skit

As if Manti Te’o hasn’t received enough abuse over the past four days. recently released a skit titled “Manti Te’o's EHarmony Ad,” which is meant to poke fun at the controversy surrounding the star linebacker and his girlfriend, Lennay Kekua (who never died nor existed).  The comedic short makes light of Te’o's emotions and his close connection to (what turned out to be) an online predator.  Scroll down below to view the video.

Te’o is seemingly the victim of an online hoax that attempted to play with his emotions and make the Heisman finalist look like a fool in front of a national audience.  While Te’o will certainly have a lot of questions to answer for NFL scouts, it seems as though he will have the “benefit” of saying that he, in no way, took part in the hoax.


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