Video: Ridiculously Photogenic Cam McDaniel Went On TODAY Show, Got Ogled By Hosts

Notre Dame’s Cam McDaniel is becoming a very, very popular guy right now. This week, a photo of him playing in last weekend’s game against USC went viral. The picture wasn’t of him making a spectacular catch or doing a hilarious touchdown celebration — no, Cam’s helmet popped off on a play, and he happened to stare directly into a camera, which made him look ridiculously photogenic and downright dreamy, by most accounts.

This morning, he appeared on the TODAY Show to answer a few questions about himself and the photo — but what really what happened was he got ogled by the giddy female hosts (Tamron Hall and Savannah Guthrie love him). They told him he is extremely good looking, that they are drooling over the photo, asked him if he was real, and even jokingly asked for his phone number. Here’s video of the interview:

Still, having people fawn over your good looks can’t be the worst thing — it’s much better than when Cam went viral this summer for his embarrassing gaffe with the gauntlet machine in practice. I guess this is just what comes with the territory of being ridiculously photogenic.


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