Video: Notre Dame Football Players Enjoy Ridiculous Giant Swing As Part Of Team-Building Activities

Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly wanted to get his team away from South Bend for the start of training camp to let his players really bond together and focus on football — it appears that his plan is going well.

Today, practice number two was underway at Shiloh Park in Marion, Indiana, and it appears the team had some fun. Besides the normal practice routine, the players got to participate in some team-building activities — rock wall climbing, Irish ski-ball, and of course, swinging from a massive rope.

The rope swing had to be the most entertaining part of the day — caught some of the action on its practice highlight video. Check out 300 pound defensive lineman Kona Schwenke get pulled up on a giant rope swing by his teammates, then free-fall in fear (the fun starts at the 2:18 mark):

The Irish are at Shiloh Park for a few more days — it will be interesting to see if any other crazy activities take place.


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