The 15 Most Loyal Fan Bases In College Football

Did Nebraska make the list?

Did Nebraska make the list?

Let’s face it – some college football fan bases are more into their program than others. There’s a reason that schools like Michigan, Ohio State and Alabama have stadiums that seat over 100,000 fans each, while some of their conference mates can barely fill half that number. But loyalty isn’t just based on home attendance figures. Some fan bases, like Nebraska’s, travel extremely well, often turning away games into quasi-neutral affairs. Another element, which every school has had to endure, deals with how supportive its fans stay during a down period.

We’ve gone through and taken a look at every college football fan base with the intent of determining which is the most loyal, year in and year out. As you’d imagine, many of the schools on the below list come from the SEC and the Big Ten – the two conferences that make the most money each year. That isn’t by accident.

Without further ado – the 15 most loyal college football fan bases.

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