The 10 Best Rivalries In College Football Right Now


Clemson vs. South Carolina is heating up.

There is so much that makes college football great, but perhaps the best aspect of the sport is its many rivalries. While other sports have teams and players who dislike each other, some of college football’s best rivalries feature pure hatred between fans, players and coaches. 

We decided to take a look at the best rivalries in college football right now. This is an important distinction, because while some rivalries are legendary, the quality of football and one team’s total domination of a series can make otherwise fantastic rivalries (like Army/Navy) pretty bland. It also disqualifies some legendary rivalries that are currently dormant, like Nebraska/Oklahoma, Texas/Texas A&M and Pitt/West Virginia. Maybe one day, these teams will play again, but until then, they’re out.

So who’s No. 1? There are so many worthy contenders for the crown that you can argue any number of rivalries deserve the title, but it took about one second to figure out which one is the best right now.

Get Started: No. 10 – Clemson vs. South Carolina


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