Photo: Instead Of Selling It Off, Baylor Puts Old Football Turf In Tailgating Area For Fans

Last week, we learned that Notre Dame is selling 10 sq. ft. pieces of its former grass football field to fans for $150, shipping included. “Own a piece of history,” the Fighting Irish say

This upcoming season, Baylor will be playing on a brand-new field in the recently built McLane Stadium. Instead of selling off pieces of their old turf, the Bears have done something different with their not-to-be-used-anymore playing surface. It comes at zero cost to the fans, too. 

It’s a cool idea and something that Baylor faithful will likely enjoy very much. The Bears are not Notre Dame, though, and likely could not get away with trying to sell their old turf. While $150 seems like a lot for an old piece of grass, the Fighting Irish’s fan base will likely scoop up each and every one of the 5×2 grass squares. 


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Andrew Holleran is an editor at College Spun.