Notre Dame Is Selling 5×2 Pieces Of Its Former Grass Football Field For $150

Notre Dame football is making the transition from a natural grass tundra to a turf surface, but don’t worry, Irish fans, the grass will live on. The South Bend, Ind. school is selling pieces of the former field on its website. 

Notre Dame is selling 10 sq. ft. pieces of its grass field for $149.95. Two-day shipping is included. The grass is from the 2013 season. 

The Irish describe the grass on the website as follows: 

One 5 ft. by 2 ft. roll of grass and soil removed from the playing surface at Notre Dame Stadium with a certificate of authenticity.

If interested in purchasing a piece, you probably have some questions about the product. Notre Dame has that covered, too. 

Why is Notre Dame selling the grass turf?

Over the years, fans have have expressed feelings about the sentimental value the grass in Notre Dame Stadium holds for them. This is an opportunity for those who so choose to fulfill their desire to own Notre Dame Stadium grass.

Will my section of turf be completely full of grass? Or could it contain just dirt on top?

Sections of grass selected for this sale will be taken from areas of the field with the least amount of wear and consist of as much fully covered grass as possible.

Will there be football field lines painted on my grass?

You should not expect lines on the grass. The Blue-Gold game in April was the last time lines were painted on the field.

Can I request a certain section of the field?

No. Rolls of stadium grass are randomly selected.

How did you set the price?

We took into account both market prices and a desire to make it accessible to a wide range of Notre Dame fans. The price also includes 2-day shipping anywhere in the continental United States.

How long was this grass in Notre Dame Stadium?

Your roll of Notre Dame Stadium grass was installed during the 2013 season.

Can I return my section of grass if I don’t like it?

Since this is a live product, all sales are final and returns cannot be accepted.

What if my grass dies during shipping?

The grass will be alive and in the best possible condition when packaged and shipped. We cannot be responsible for any incidents during shipping. If you have concerns about the condition of your grass when it arrives please contact our customer support center at [email protected].

What if my grass dies after replanting?

We cannot be responsible for the replanting nor the conditions in which the grass has to grow after replanting.



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