Notre Dame Fans On Social Media Feel Very Strongly About USC As Their Greatest Rival

College football is all about the rivalry games, and when you’re Notre Dame, you play in one almost every week. The Irish may not have a game that quite lives up to The Iron Bowl or Ohio State-Michigan, but they have important, historical series with USC, Michigan, Michigan State, Navy, Stanford, Purdue, and Boston College, and also share a lot of history with numerous other programs like Army, Pitt, Miami, and Georgia Tech.

With so many rivalries, there are plenty of answers as to which people most strongly about. Notre Dame Football’s official Facebook page tried to gauge those feelings today, and one school stands out as the main rival to the Irish: USC. 

The page ran two separate polls to decide between USC and Michigan, and the Trojans are running away with the vote.


ND did a poll on Twitter via retweets as well. USC is currently up 393-140.



As for us? It has to be USC. The Notre Dame-Michigan series will be suspended as Notre Dame takes on a partial ACC schedule, while ND-USC goes on strong.


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