Brian Kelly To Stay At Notre Dame, Passing on NFL

Well, at least the drama is over…for now. Brian Kelly has decided to return to Notre Dame after seriously flirting with the NFL and will receive a substantial raise and an extension from the university.

It is believed that in addition to working on a raise for himself, Kelly was also bargaining for raises for the rest of his coaching staff — many of the assistant coaches are being paid middle-of-the-road salaries — not something you would expect for a group that just made it to the national championship game.

However, despite good intentions, Kelly has seriously ramped up the expectations for himself — Notre Dame fans have not been happy with the way he has handled this entire situation. Not only did he keep his team and the university in the dark for several days, he left his recruits hanging as well — one even decided to change his school choice. Many Notre Dame fans feel betrayed and lied to, so Kelly’s margin for error has likely significant shrunk in many eyes — if he doesn’t succeed big, and fast, people will call for his head.


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