Video: Warren Buffett Wants To “Modify” Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge To Make It Easier Next Year

Despite the valiant efforts of millions of participants, we didn’t even make it to the end of the ’round of 64′ with even one perfect NCAA Tournament bracket in Warren Buffett’s ‘Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge’. While that shouldn’t necessarily surprise anyone due to the outrageous odds against such a feat, Buffett himself was even a little disappointed that the suspense didn’t last longer.

He joined Dan Patrick on his radio show today and made it clear that if Quicken agrees to work with him on the contest again next year, it will be both easier to enter and easier to win.

As for how he plans on making it easier, he gave no information. But he did mention that he’s lost over a billion dollars in a day before, so we doubt he’s too worried about having it happen again.


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